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-------------iPhone dof lens adapter information-----------



How does turnikit focus?

Turnikit puts you in total control of focusing your image/video using the manual focus ring on your lens, giving you more control in your composition.

What lenses can I use?

Turnikit is made to work with canon EF lenses & EFS lenses . There is also a adapter available that allows you to use Nikon Ai AiS AD-d AD-S, and another to use G lenses.  

* Does not work with either Canon stm lenses, 40mm (pancake lens) or new 50mm which both need power to operate.

* When using lenses wider than 35mm or wider remember to use extension ring.


What lenses should I use?

Dof adapters like Turnikit require more light then traditional cameras. which means older and and cheaper lens will have a worse / harsher effect when used with turnikit. The list below will give you a good idea of qualities of lenses that are good and qualities that are less good.

Good lenses 

Cine Lenses

Prime lenses

L or High end lenses

Low aperture like 1.2 /1.4 /1.8/ 2.8

Less Good lenses 

Kit Lenses

Old Lenses

Cheap Lenses

Lenses with plastic optics - (nifty fifty)

Lenses that start at aperture f4 or higher

To summarize the lenses in the less good category will have much more vignetting be more gaining. For example the photo below was taken with an cheap lens.



What apps work well with turnikit?

Adding a complex lens on an iPhone makes your image upside down, the best way to fix this is with an App.

  MoviePro is great because it does photo & video. Has the option in settings to turn on 35mm flip to rotate content & Lots of other great features.


Filmic Pro is a great video recording app, giving you great features like image flip, Focus lock, stabilization, custom presets, audio control & picking your frames per second and much more.

Quality and Effect

Turnikit adds a great effect to your photos and videos. Making your content more distinct by narrowing your depth of field. 

- Adding a complex lens onto your iPhone does require more light to compose a properly exposed shot.

- Some degree of vignetting may be noticeable depending on the quality of lens and amount of available light. To take full advantage of turnikit's potential, you'll want to use it in situations with lots of available light. 

- Pincushion distortion may happen with certain lenses (usually telephoto)

for more information go here



Just a heads up for video users. Because your lens will be attached to your phone you'll be able to hear the motion of your focus ring. External recording mics fix this issue nicely.


Cleaning and Care

The Focus screen inside turnikit can easily get dust on it, which in turn translates onto your images . Make sure not to touch it with your fingers since the oil from your fingers will damage the focus screen. You will most likely need to get a camera air blower to blow it off. If your focus screen is to far gone, a replacement will be available for purchase in the store.


7 day return policy - There maybe fees if item is returned damaged or missing parts. return postage is the responsibility of the customer.   


Feel free to email with other questions.